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Miles Fitness Club is a gym that intends to distinguish itself for its expertise in Fitness, Functional Training and Bodybuilding. The workouts provide a truly engaging and rewarding experience in which the body, the music, the lights and the group become one. This thanks to the excellence of our instructors, who are attentive to everyone's needs, and to a strong sense of group; in fact, the social element is an integral part of the various courses, which are known throughout the world for their high technical-sporting quality. So the classes become unique, authentic, and very engaging experiences - a source of inspiration for everyone!

Miles Fitness Club Gym

Miles Fitness Club Body Pump
Body Pump
Miles Fitness Club Cross Training
Cross Training
Our Course Attendees
Our Course Attendees

No Longer the Same Old Gym

A New Way to Experience Fitness

Activities that take place in our gym

Miles Fitness Club Total Body
Total Body
Miles Fitness Club Body Combat
Body Combat
Miles Fitness Club Sh'bam

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